Improve Your Child’s Confidence Through Vision

Back to school season is exciting for most kids. However, when your child cannot see the board clearly and is having problems with their vision it can make school difficult. 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision problem, which is why regular eye exams are important.

The Hollywood Vision Center offers children’s eye exams to help your child reach their greatest potential. The best part is, we look for ways to NOT give your child glasses, and use eye exercises, Ortho K lenses that correct myopia while you sleep, and lifestyle recommendations instead.

Vision and Learning


Vision and learning are closely connected. Experts have even said that 80 percent of information in school is presented visually. If a child’s vision problem goes undetected it could create problems with their learning and comprehension. Glasses or contact lenses can significantly improve a child’s learning by helping them see the textbook and board more easily.


When Should I Have my Child’s Eyes Examined?


A child should have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months of age. They should then have an additional eye exam at age three and again at age six. Once a child reaches age six, they should have an eye exam every two years.


If your child has early vision problems, it may be recommended that they get an annual eye exam.


What Should I Expect During my Child’s Eye Exam?


The specifics of your child’s eye exam will depend on their age. Usually your child’s eye exam will include:



Additionally, your child’s doctor may ask if your child has experienced any of the following symptoms:



How do I help my Child Adjust to Glasses?


Whether your child is wearing glasses, it can feel like a big change for your child but there are plenty of ways to make the process fun! Below are some tips for helping your child adjust to their new eyewear:






How do I minimize my child’s need to wear glasses in the future?


Many parents  do not want glasses as the only option to correct vision problems. This is why we incorporate eye exercises, diet and lifestyle habits to minimize the need for glasses when possible. For example, limiting sugar intake and video game time can limit myopic progression..


After we conduct a holistic and developmental vision exam, we will be able to make recommendations for your child’s individual needs.


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