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Drew Carey: Trusts Dr. Brisco with his Eyes

Comedian Michael Blaustein: "I am not a 5th grader!" VT improved tracking and fluctuating vision

Amniotic Membrane Graft for patient who suffered from recurrent epithelial erosion.


Ramon De Ocampo, voice of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Sam’s reading level improved with Vision Therapy.

Patient’s vision restored after a motorcycle accident using Rehabilitative Vision Therapy


Faster and more accurate through Vision Therapy

MoisturEyes Spa Patient Testimonial

Double Vision — Parris C, you rock!


Patient Testimonial | LASIK

Zeebia: Beautiful 5 year old Contact Lens Wearer

Testimonial – Zane and Rachel


Elizabeth Student Athlete: Visual Training

Graeme Testimonial

Vision Therapy Patient Testimonial


Mike: Double Vision Therapy

Thomas: Improved Vision with Homeopathic Medicine

Kylie: Grades Improved, and Enjoys School More


Jocelyn: Contact Lens Comfort with Tear Stimulation Drops

Julia: Vision Therapy Improved Soccer Game

MoisturEyes Spa Happy Patient<


Gaby: Reading Above Grade Level with Improved Visual Skills

Kamila: Vision Therapy helped with Exotropia and Strabismus to decrease fatigue and improve reading

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